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After a lot of thought I have decided that I would prefer to host my blog at Blogspot instead. It has far more free features and functionality. I will leave this stuff up for awhile but in the future you can find me here. Thank you!

(Photo found here!)


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Summer Lovin’


I got this dress from Forever 21 the other day and couldn’t be more thrilled! Hopefully I will live in it as soon as the temperature begins to rise…

Does anyone else agree that the worst part of spring fever is the knowledge that other people don’t have to endure it? As in, people in warmer climates could wear this dress RIGHT NOW?

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For the new year of 2008, I resolved to learn origami. I got as far as becoming (temporarily) adept at making paper cranes. Something about the idea of making something beautiful from plain paper had fascinated me..

Has anyone else noticed that chains of paper cranes seem to be very cool right now? Whether hung from a tree in an outdoor wedding or used as a permanent decorating piece in a hipster loft, they definitely perk up a space. I’d love to copy this idea at my apartment!

Photos found on A Cup of Jo and Apartment Therapy.

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My mother is French-Canadian and I like to think this makes me sort-of French by association. However, I still wish I were able to dress like a French woman. How do they do it?

(Pictures from The Sartorialist, Garance Dore, and other places…)

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Travel Diary

A few weeks ago, Maya posted about her grandmother’s trip around the world as a teen. The pictures of her travel journal are amazing– I can’t decide whether I’m more jealous of the trip or her discipline in keeping the diary. Check it out!

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Furnishing My Room

drawers2I currently have two large-ish closets in my bedroom but will not be quite so lucky next year. I would use the drawers in this unit from Ikea to hold t-shirts and the surfaces to stack books and a vase of flowers.

However, it’s only 20 inches high. Is it too short to use it this way?

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Elephants are Cool


I found this hamper on the Apartment Therapy website and was instantly smitten. It would look amazing in my bedroom.. especially since I usually just throw dirty clothes in the closet! Would you ever own something like this?

Also, did you know that along with having crazy complex social structures, elephants can feel grief and make music?

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