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Please join me:


After a lot of thought I have decided that I would prefer to host my blog at Blogspot instead. It has far more free features and functionality. I will leave this stuff up for awhile but in the future you can find me here. Thank you!

(Photo found here!)


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Travel Diary

A few weeks ago, Maya posted about her grandmother’s trip around the world as a teen. The pictures of her travel journal are amazing– I can’t decide whether I’m more jealous of the trip or her discipline in keeping the diary. Check it out!

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I can! I just got home and was so excited to see my dog again! Animals are so adorable; check out this puppy trying to whistle, from Smitten on Glamour.com!

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Heads up:

The fabulous blog oh, hello friend is giving away some awesome stuff right now…

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Going Home


My Spring Break starts Friday and I am going to stay with my family outside of Seattle. It’s a really fun city with a lot of interesting stuff to see!



Fremont Troll Statue, The Space Needle, and the Pike Place Market in the Rain, all taken by me.

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Past and Present

I love reading. Like most people who claim this, however, I don’t usually do so as much as I’d like! Some books I want to finish in the next few months:

Still Life with Woodpecker {Tom Robbins} : I’ve heard great things about the book and its author.

Among Other Things, I’ve Taken up Smoking {Miranda Donnal} : I started reading it a few weeks ago but was too sleepy! The beginning was great, though..

Suite Francaise {Irene Nemirovsky} : Another good book I haven’t yet finished.

InStyle Secrets of Style : It’s pretty inspiring but not really a book you “read” through. Still, it’s on my nightstand and deserves a second look!


Some books I have read recently and loved:

We Need to Talk About Kevin {Lionel Shriver} : Fascinating story about a mother dealing with her son committing a school shooting.

A History of Love {Nicole Krauss} : Beautifully written story about love and loneliness.

Any suggestions?
Bookcase photo by Chotda.

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Happy day

We made these from Smitten kitchen:


They are cooling on the counter and smell delicious. The boy is out buying champagne flutes for this evening.

Hopefully when he gets back we’ll go out to the Blue Ridge Parkway and walk around.. but it’s pretty cold and blustery outside. Tonight we’ll eat cheese (cotswald– yum.) and these brownies, watch a movie and play Connect Four (my v-day present).

I hope everyone’s having a great day!

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